Students Enjoy New Garden Thanks to John Elway, Kimbal Musk

DENVER (CBS4)– John Elway and Kimbal Musk, Elon Musk’s brother who is behind the The Kitchen Cafe restaurant group, teamed up to bring a community garden to a school in Denver. The Girls Athletic Leadership School started planting their new garden on Friday.

Musk’s nonprofit, Big Green, donated the garden and green space to the school. Elway’s nonprofit Pivot also donated money to the school to make it possible. Students will plant, harvest and eat the food grown in the garden.

“It brings students a sense of place and a sense of longing, where it’s something they own, and it also brings a huge amount of responsibility, where if the garden grows, it’s because of them,” said GALS executive director Carol Bowar.

The Big Green Foundation says learning gardens like the one celebrated on Friday improves the lives of children.

According to the group’s research, 80 percent of children choose to eat more fruits and vegetables after just one semester.

Laura McGetrick