Bringing nonprofits together in Colorado


New organization looks to create a shift in childhood education

A new nonprofit created by three Colorado philanthropists aims to help children throughout their school careers and beyond by bringing other nonprofit organizations together.

PIVOT — founded by Broncos general manager John Elway and businessmen Larry Mueller and George Solich — will focus on the areas of nutrition, mental health and mentorship. It will start as a pilot program at the Girls Athletic Leadership Schools (GALS),a single gender-focusedgroup of charter schools.

The name PIVOT came from the idea that this is “a slight movement of an existing organization,” Mueller said.

By bringing in multiple nonprofits, PIVOT can help schools focus on the whole child instead of the individual missions of specific nonprofits, said Mueller, the treasurer of PIVOT. One example Mueller used was after-school organizations, which focus on what the child is doing while they are participating in their programming.

“I think they should also have a focus on what happens to those kids when they walk out the door,” Mueller said. “They’re dealing with many issues that ultimately affect how they do in school.”

GALS operates a girls-only middle school and high school and a boys-only high school, the Boys School of Denver. The pilot will focus on the girls’ middle and high schools, 750 Galapago St., Principal Carol Bower said. The schools have 620 students across all three programs with 480 in the girls’ schools. Some of the mental health programming will also go into the boys’ school, Bower said.

Written by Kailyn Lamb -

Laura McGetrick