PIVOT Foundation Issues Inaugural Grant Funds to Colorado Nonprofit Partners.

PIVOT grants $279,800 to GALS, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Big Green, and the DU School of Professional Psychology, focusing on collaboration and measured outcomes


December 11, 2018 (Denver, CO)

PIVOT Foundation, a Colorado-based 501(c)3, founded by prominent local leaders John ElwayGeorge Solich, and Larry Mueller, announces its first ever grant distribution totaling $279,800 to Colorado nonprofits. These funds are a result of sponsorships and fundraising dollars from the 9th annual Flight to Luxury event, which took place on September 14, 2018. Four Colorado nonprofits are the beneficiaries of PIVOT’s inaugural grant distribution and collaboration strategy: GALS (Girls Athletic Leadership School of Denver), Big Brothers Big SistersBig Green, and the DU School of Professional Psychology

PIVOT was founded in May 2018 and empowers nonprofits to collaborate for impact, allowing the community to provide the full spectrum of what it takes to help children thrive. PIVOT connects the dots to provide full access to programs focusing on academic success, mental wellness, nutrition, and career readiness. The foundation works with high-impact organizations to fund alignment, accelerate smart giving, and improve efficiency. With funds raised at September’s Flight to Luxury event, PIVOT catalyzed its aggressive plan to raise over 100 million dollars in the next ten years.


With the overarching strategy of collaboration and measured outcomes at the core of its mission, PIVOT announces the following grant distributions and collaborative partnerships:


Big Brothers Big Sisters + GALS

Big Brothers Big Sisters will develop and install a mentorship program for the current sophomore class at GALS, matching youth one-to-one with a college-educated adult, starting with a one-year program from December 2018 through November 2019.

Grants: $75,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters | $18,000 to GALS


Big Green + GALS

Big Green will construct and support a learning garden at GALS, educating GALS staff and students on real food, nutrition, and healthy eating habits, and certifying students on knowledge level of real food and nutrition. Measured outcomes will include direct hands-on involvement of students in the gardening process, resulting in the taking home of healthy food and recipes, along with the potential for reduced obesity in students.

Grants: $60,000 to Big Green| $16,000 to GALS


DU Graduate School of Professional Psychology + GALS

The DU Graduate School of Professional Psychology will embed psychology resources into the GALS curriculum, including a licensed psychology faculty member as well as multiple graduate students, with the intent to address and resolve potential mental health issues, and exponentially enhance the opportunity for positive outcomes in the daily lives of students and families.

Grants: $72,300 to DU Graduate School of Professional Psychology| $38,500 to GALS


As a testament to PIVOT’s early work, Liz Wolfson, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer at GALS Inc. shares, "PIVOT is giving GALS Denver the opportunity for all of our students, no matter their background, to have access to opportunities that truly fit their needs at this time in their educational development. We are deeply grateful to the PIVOT organization and community for their support of our students and staff in getting things done well with partners like Big Green, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the DU School of Professional Psychology." 


PIVOT and each of the nonprofit partners will monitor the success of the GALS’ programs on a regular basis, ensuring the requisite outcomes are tracking successfully. These grant funds would not have been possible without Flight to Luxury’s principal sponsors, including The Solich Fund, Seattle Fish Co., Cuvée, Accelerated Services, EKS&H, GE Johnson, and the Kris Family Fund.



PIVOT was founded by John Elway, Larry Mueller, and George Solich to harness the power of doers and dollars to help Colorado’s NextGen succeed. PIVOT empowers nonprofits to collaborate for impact and holds them accountable for specific outcomes, creating a future where Colorado youth are empowered to thrive in the multi-dimensional aspects of their life. PIVOT connects the dots to provide full access to programs focusing on academic success, mental wellness, nutrition, and career readiness. Learn more at pivotdenver.org.

Contact: Christa Weaving | christa@cuvee.com